I’m a registered nurse, clinical nutritionist & healthy lifestyle educator. I’ve spent 32 years working in healthcare
so I can help people just like you turn their health around.

We start by reviewing your diet and lifestyle. We then explore how your genetics, environmental influences and lifestyle choices have impacted your health. We also do functional lab testing. The result is a customized
lifestyle plan just for YOU. I can’t wait until you experience the results!

Digestive Wellness

If you are suffering from gut issues, you are not alone! Many clients come to me with uncomfortable digestive problems. I’ve developed a highly effective 8-week gut-rebuilding plan that will help you feel great about your life again!

Metabolic Balance

Have you tried multiple weight loss plans, only to be disappointed when they don’t work? Experience remarkable results with the 12 week Metabolic Balance Program® for individuals or couples.

Lifestyle Medicine

Not feeling nearly as well as you’d like to? Experience vibrant health with a custom 6-week Lifestyle Medicine Plan, incorporating stress reduction, movement, nutrition, and supportive coaching.

When I first met Mary I was a mess! I was only 42 years old, but I was tired, overweight, suffering from Hoshimoto’s and miserable with my life. She helped me see the connection between how my lifestyle was contributing to whole body inflammation, which was causing my health issues. I lost 20 pounds and was feeling myself again after only 6 weeks!
— Magda, Trumbull, CT

We’ll start right where you are to arrive at the wellness you dream of. You can get there from here.